What makes this different

    Jeff Hadfield was born and raised in Brigham City, Utah. He graduated from Weber State University with a B.A. in Technical Sales.

    In 1995 he joined Guardian Life and became a Financial Engineer; helping people protect assets, invest, and grow their money.

    In 2004 Jeff branched out and became an independent agent. He began teaching individuals and business owners how to save money they were paying in interest on loans and keep it in their own pockets for future opportunities. Becoming you own Banker has helped many people use their money more wisely.

    Using this philosophy in 2008 Jeff seized an opportunity and created Bay Wash Car Wash. Owning and operating his own business' gives Jeff  unique perspective when it comes to helping his clients with personal finances or business.

    In 2014 Jeff ran for public office and is now currently a commissioner for Box Elder County.

About Jeff

​Having the right tools

What sets Hadfield Financial apart from most other planners is helping you see your money differently.

People save money in different ways; some are more efficient than others. The key to your success in planning is to have the least amount of tax involved while giving you the most control over your money. Having your money stuck somewhere where it can't be touched might appeal to some, but as you continue through life, many opportunities arise where you have to either borrow money, pay cash, use retirement money with penalties, or just let the opportunity pass and thus, you lose out! This is not why most people work and save, just to let opportunities that may enhance their lives pass them by.

The Financial Engineering process can help you to see how banks, mortgage companies, and other financial institutions use your money and why they are successful at it. Understanding this concept will give you an edge over traditional planning.

Money should not be as complex as many planners make it out to be.  


We live in a world of complexity and change.

Unfortunately, most peoples plans are not very flexible. At Hadfield Financial, we want you to have the knowledge and ability to control your own destiny, not leave it to chance and hope someone else invest wisely for you.


My father always told me, "It's easier to sit on the sidelines and cheer, but the reward is greatest to the player."  

For over 20 years, Jeff has been helping people just like you understand their financial potential. Being independent and therefore not tied into one single company, he can find the right tools for your situation. 

  • ​Protection is crucial in planning, not just your assets, but for your income and family as well.
  • Having Wills and Trusts up to date.
  • Liabilities are important so you don't lose your money to lawsuit or creditors.
  • Coordinating  assets and benefits so you're not duplicating costs.

​These are just some of the things Jeff covers with you.​​