Not a big risk taker, and don't want to ride the Stock Market roller coaster?


At Hadfield Financial we have a process of helping you maximize and get multiple uses out of your money with less risk and less taxes.

The stock market, for example, is one dimensional. You put money in it, sit on it, and hope it grows. If you've been successful and had some growth and you need to access your money, be prepared, however, for Uncle Sam to hold out his hand to you.

This can be discouraging because as opportunities come that require cash you may not want to pay the price for that growth. You can leave that money alone and borrow from the bank or another lending institution, but then your net gain on your investments will be off-set with the interest you're paying to someone else. This is counter productive!

At Hadfield Financial we work on showing you how to be able to get more bang for your buck! Yes, we do want you to be able to invest in stocks and other investment tools; however, if you're not set up with a safety net you could be walking a high wire and assuming all the risk!

Building Your Wealth



At Hadfield Financial our goal is to help you grow your money and preserve your wealth, with less risk and taxes.