Is performance based. We work on helping you keep and create money with no additional out-of-pocket expense, only using what you are currently using.  If we charged for our services, that would be costing you, not earning you money.  However, if you need any of our services, we are compensated by our affiliated companies. 

If you have a positive experience with us, we greatly appreciate your recommendation so that others are aware of our services.  Once someone learns something of great value to them they usually will share it with people they care about, so that they too can benefit and save money.

Hadfield Financial...



We offer many different types of tools depending on your needs and potential.

Financial Engineering involves the following:

  • Full planning where you can experiment with options and possibilities

​As well as...

Life Insurance Planning:

  • Low cost Term Life Insurance to cover a certain time period
  • Whole Life to provide cash value and tax free retirement options

​Disability Income Protection:

  • Individual and Group Disability to protect your income


  • Annuities for less risk and lifetime payouts
  • Rollover options to help you manage your retirement

​Estate Planning:

  • Avoiding Estate Taxes through macro economic planning
  • Passing assets to the next gerneration through gifting

​Business Buy/Sell Planning:

  • Key Man Insurance
  • Partner Insurance to prevent company bankruptcy
  • ​Business Succession Planning