About Jeff

    Jeff Hadfield was born and raised in Brigham City, Utah. He graduated from Weber State University with a B.A. in Technical Sales.

    In 1995 he joined Guardian Life and became a Financial Engineer; helping people protect assets, invest, and grow their money.

    In 2004 Jeff became an independent agent. He began teaching individuals and business owners how to save money they were paying in interest on loans to creditors, and instead put it in their own pockets for future opportunities. Becoming you own Banker has helped many people use their money more wisely.

    Using this philosophy in 2008 Jeff seized an opportunity and created Bay Wash Car Wash. Owning and operating his own business' gives Jeff  unique perspective when it comes to helping his clients with personal finances or business.

    From 2015-2022 he served in public office as Box Elder County Commissioner for two terms.

​Having the right tools

Ever test drive a car?

Consider this a test drive of financial opportunities. See what features or options you want to fit with your lifestyle.

We look at 401k,  Stocks, IRA, Pensions, Real Estate, Insurances, CD's, & Savings to find out if your money is really working for you... or someone else.

Money should not be as complex as many planners make it out to be.  


You need to be presently involved with your finances to make key decissions that can unlock your money's potential.​ 

My father always told me, "It's easier to sit on the sidelines and cheer, but the reward is greatest to the player."  

​Since 1995, Jeff has been helping people just like you understand their financial potential. Being an independent stratigest, he can find the right tools for your situation.


  • ​Protection of income loss, assets, & liabilities.
  • Having Wills and Trusts up to date.
  • Coordinating  assets and benefits so you're not duplicating costs.
  • Getting your dollars to work for you instead of you working for dollars.

​These are just some of the things Jeff covers with you.​​